Embark on a thrilling mathematical journey as you unleash your martial arts skills in the ultimate quest to become the world's best Karate Math Fighter! Coming late 2023.

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Math Education Video Game

Sensei Sugaku's Karate Math Dojo is designed to help kids master math facts in an entertaining and engaging way.


No More Flashcards

Learn math facts in a way that kids want to keep progressing.



Win tournaments, fight pirates, and save your sensei.


Learn, Review, Repeat

Remember what you've learned by getting review questions at the right time.

Sensei Sugaku's Teaching Method

Like with martial arts, the lesson plan for math builds on top of previous lessons. The math skills Sensei Sugaku teaches follows a standard K-5 cirriculum to help students all along the journey.

Below is a list of lessons covered in the game:


  • Plus One
  • Plus Two
  • Plus Three
  • Counting by Two
  • Equals 10
  • Doubles
  • Counting by Three
  • Counting by Five
  • Plus Five
  • Counting by Ten
  • Plus Nine
  • Plus Eight
  • Plus Seven
  • Teens
  • Twenties
  • Thirties


  • Minus One
  • Minus Two
  • Minus Three
  • Minus Four
  • Minus Half
  • Minus 10
  • Counting Down by Five
  • Minus Five
  • Minus Nine
  • Borrowing
  • Substraction Less Than 100
  • Substraction Greater Than 100


  • Times One
  • Times Two
  • Times Three
  • Squares Less Than 5
  • Times Ten
  • Times Five
  • Times Six
  • Times Seven
  • Times Eight
  • Times Nine
  • Squares Greater Than 5
  • Times Eleven
  • Times Twelve


  • Divisible by One
  • Divisible by Two
  • Divisible by Three
  • Divisible by Four
  • Divisible by 10
  • Divisible by Five
  • Divisible by Nine
  • Divisible by Seven
  • Divisible by Two with Remainder
  • Divisible by Three with Remainder
  • Divisible by Five with Remainder
  • Divisible by Seven with Remainder


  • Adding Halves
  • Adding Thirds
  • Adding Fourths
  • Subtracting Halves
  • Subtracting Thirds
  • Subtracting Fourths
  • Equivalent Fractions Less Than One
  • Fractions as Division
  • Equivalent Fractions Greater Than One
  • Adding Fractions Greater Than One
  • Subracting Fractions Greater Than One
  • Multiplying Fractions


  • Decimal-Fraction Equivalency
  • Adding Decimals
  • Subtracting Decimals
  • Multiplying Decimals
  • Dividing Decimals


Sensei Sugaku tutors addition to teach basic karate moves. Neko ambushes the student who must to learn advacned subtraction to defeat him. Drama soon unfolds at the Great Karate Math Tournament. Customize your characters appearance. Adventure awaits in the Karate Math Dojo story mode.